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C&G specializes in providing financial, macroeconomics and sectorial assessment consultancy, delivering analytical solutions across Malaysia and internationally. The combined experience of different experts on various financial, macroeconomics environment and industrial development issues enable C&G Analytica to provide policies as well as practical solutions for the government and private sectors. We establish solutions and training driven by data, information and research. Together, we attempt to combine various methodology and techniques including data mining and machine learning.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to establish long term relationship with clients creating value for the clients with consistent deliveries of excellent solutions. We have a passionate team of experts with the highest utmost commitment delivering customised solutions to our clients. We have provided and will continue to provide various policies and practical solutions to the Malaysian government, private sectors, industry associations and international organisations.

How we work

We have a team of dedicated economists and industry experts who have an in-depth understanding of business activities and research techniques that would provide valuable insights for our clients. We also work with academia and other stakeholders when needed to provide the best solutions. Our approach is to undertake evidence-based research. We closely collaborate with industry experts, academia and others around the world to deliver the best solution.


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Our Services

We help clients with tools to meet the challenges of the changing world by understanding data and information to make better decisions. Strengthening human capital needs is crucial in this era of digital and information age. We provide consultancy and human capital development services in areas of finance, economics and industrial studies. Clients engage us to access our expertise and knowledge to enable them to make more informed decisions whether in businesses, policy decisions and others.

Our consultancy, research and human capital development training services include:


We provide consultancy, research as well as human capital development services in areas of finance including training on financial literacy. We also engage in financial modelling and forecasting based on the requirements of the clients. When needs arise, we also work closely with other companies complementing financial planning services to assist clients to meet their financial goals.

Macroeconomics and Industrial/Sectorial Studies

Other core service areas are macroeconomics analysis involving economic trend analysis, long term macroeconomic forecasting, and impact assessment via model building driven by data. The industry analysis involves facilitating the company’s understanding of the market, its competitors and the surrounding environment in which the company operates. As an example, the following areas cover some of our work.

1. Macroeconomic Assessment and outlook– e.g. Economic Forecasting, market reports.
2. Sectorial and Industry Market studies.
3. Trade Market Analysis and Assessment.
4. Corporate Strategy and Operations.

Research Consultancy

We also provide short and long term research services for local and international organizations. It involves engaging in a more systematic study to make evidence-based decision by managers and policymakers. The track of research activities are based on a scientific investigation using the various methodology in establishing facts and reach appropriate conclusions.

The above assessments are also tools used to make continuous policy improvements. Policy improvements require a careful methodological approach that compiles data and information more systematically to provide an empirical, evidence-based assessment.

Our People

Our people are our strength. We have in-house consultants as well as engaged experts from academia, industry and the government to deliver our clients’ needs. Our experts work for us by supporting us in delivering clients’ projects and training in various areas. We engage academicians, industry experts and bureaucrats based on the needs of the project and training so that a more targeted outcome can be achieved in a professional way.

Some of the expert partners C&G have worked with in delivering research and financial literacy training in the past.


We are also keen in engaging people who are interested in pursuing our common goals. We firmly believe in collaboration and bringing in innovative solutions. We strongly encourage those interested, be they individuals or organizations to contact us.

Our Research & Training

Research Consultancy


Apart from training alone, we also offer research consultancy helping clients digest data and make informed decisions. We conduct and commission specialized and targeted research work on behalf of our clients in finance, macroeconomics and industrial studies. Our researches are founded based on data to provide evidence-based solutions. This also includes policy insights for the government. Contact us if you require any specialized research work to help you make better decisions.



Data analytics is becoming popular and drives decision-making by evidence. Data offers huge benefits to organizations only if they are recognized and analyzed. There has been a huge demand on learning to utilize data in public and private sectors. We are committed in providing organizations with data analytic solution to fit our clients’ needs to improve their performance and practices. We offer customized (institutional specific) as well as public attendance training packages to suit our client’s requirements. Listed are some of the courses. We proudly work with wide range of experts from academia and industry to deliver quality training services. Check some of our listed public attendance training courses.

No. Courses
1 Macroeconomic Forecasting
2 Econometrics of Financial Markets
3 Financial Modelling Essentials for Project Finance
4 Market-Demand Forecasting
5 Foundation of Econometrics with Applications
6 Panel Data Analysis
7 VAR and VEC Models
8 Time Series Analysis & Modelling
9 Foundation for Regression Analysis
10 Economic Growth Models with Eviews
11 Modelling of Multi Equation Models
12 Analyzing Social Media Data Using Nvivo
13 From Zero to NVivo 11 - Exploring Qualitative Data Using Nvivo
14 Qualitative Data Management and Thematic Analysis using NVivo
15 An Introduction to Machine Learning for Practitioners using Excel
16 An Introduction to Machine Learning for Practitioners using Python
17 Artificial Intelligence for Practitioners
18 Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Python
19 Financial Literacy
20 Managing Finance: Personal Finance

For institutional training, the duration is customizable according to the client’s requirements. Duration is based on the course level
(Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and pricing will be determined on an agreement basis based on the number of participants, coverage and level. Contact us to find out the schedule of the public attendance courses. Researchers, mainly graduate students can enjoy subsidized fees.


We recently conducted a financial literacy program called “Invest and Progress Youth Equity Development” to deliver financial literacy among youth on behalf of our client, MITRA. The program is aimed at instilling knowledge and increasing awareness among youth on the importance of investing for the future, especially focusing on the equity type of investment and providing practical experience via hand holding exercise in the equity market investments. The aim is also to increase the earning capacity by making additional income from investment in the form of dividend or capital gain and exposing participants to wealth creating mechanism among youth making financial sector as a career opportunity for those who have an interest in it. We helped the participants to open CDS accounts for them to experience trading. The program was conducted in three locations namely in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Penang and was well attended by 152 participants comprising a very balanced participation from working youth (50%) and final year university students who will be entering the job market (50%).

Also, we did not only conduct training but also extensively engaged in research consultancy providing important policy feedback by tracking the participants at the beginning of the program as well as after 3 months of finishing the program. We helped our client, MITRA, track the progress of the participants to assess the success of the program. A quick look at the findings (based on 179 responses) is as follows:

- 77.7% of youth have never invested in any form of investment.
- 70% of youth have never attended any seminars and talk related to investment.
- 80% of youth only live for today and do not care about tomorrow.
- 79.8% of youth do not save for long term.
- 84.9% of youth do not keep close watch of their financial affairs.
- 96.6% of youth are risk averse.


To get a better understanding of the financial literacy among youth, please feel free to contact us. We are prepared to share with you some insights and the reports.

In evaluating the success of the program, we engaged in post assessments. The finding shows that 98.6% viewed the program worthwhile, and they would strongly recommend the program to others. 99% of the youth that we trained agreed that they would get involved in investments in the future. To assess the program more objectively, we performed pre and post assessments of their understanding on the finance and investment market which is assessed based on 10 key questions. The results indicate that their knowledge has improved significantly. On average, their knowledge has improved by 35% when assessed based on a pre and post assessment.

Furthermore, significant improvements in knowledge and awareness are recorded in areas of the knowledge of the risk profile of stocks and bonds, and in understanding investment diversification plans. If you are interested in knowing more about the details of individual component assessments, please contact us.


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Some of the recent news on macroeconomics and industrial development.


We look for motivated people with exceptional skills in various academic backgrounds from universities around the world. We value talents and knowledge as well as a search for people who can contribute positively to our goals. Drop us an email if you are interested to join us as an intern or to work for us in our consultancy, research and training projects.

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