Strong Expert Orientation Matters for Making Impacts

“Global & Local Subject Matter Experts, with Dedicated and Knowledgeable Management Team”

We are led by knowledgeable advisors who are experts in their field, and with a dedicated management team, we responsibly deliver our services to our clients. Our experts can help organizations discover opportunities, improve resilience and make better decisions.

Advisors and Subject Matter Experts

Independent Sustainability Advisory

Dr. Verena Streitferdt (Indonesia)

Green Finance, Carbon Footprint, Energy and Climate Policy, Sustainable Energy Transitions, Green Technology and Urban Governance.

Prof. Dr. VGR Chandran

Sustainable Development; Environmental Management, Industrial Development; Innovation; Technological Development; Economic Growth and Trade.

Ts. Dr. Kogila Vani Annammala

Nature based Solution and Environmental Impact Assessment

Mr. Hang Za Dal (Myanmar)

Sustainable Energy & Climate Change

Ir Dr Sanjayan Velautham

ESG Audit, Renewable Energy Project Management, Strategic Planning – Policies and Regulatory Framework (Renewable Energy)

Prof. Dr. Arief Yusof (Indonesia)

Economic Development, Environmental and Resource Economics, Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modelling.

Prof Dr. Ramanathan (Australia)

Industry 4.0, Industrial Engineering, Technology Transfer and Circular Economy.

Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop (Thailand)

Energy Efficiency, Carbon Neutrality & Net-Zero

Prof Dr. Sivanappan Kumar

Climate Engineering and Renewable Energy Policy

Policy Advisory

Prof. Ts. Dr. Murali Raman

 Design Thinking, Digital Economy and Disaster Management

Dr. Fung Hon Ngen

Policy and Management of Sustainable Development, Intellectual Property Rights and Science, Technology and Innovation

Dr. Sharifah Muhairah

Gender Development, Social Stratification and Poverty

Mr. Manokaran Mottain

Former Chief Economist Alliance Bank

Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Capital & Equity Markets and Private Equity

Dr. Shujaat Mubarik (Pakistan)

Industrial Economics, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability, Intellectual Capital Management & Advance Multivariate Data Analysis.

Dr. Thiruchelvam.K

Ex-Officio Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

National Innovation System, Industrial Innovation Network and STI Policy

Dr. Juan Carlos Castilo (Latin America)

International Economics, Network Economics, Economic Development, Global Value Chains, International Trade, Labor and Firm Productivity.

Dr. Nazia Nazir (South Asia)

Green Technology Development and Environmental Economics

Management Team

Dr. Sarpaneswaran @ Naesh

Director of Research & Corporate Strategy

 Sustainability Reporting & Assessment, Open Innovation and Digital Economy

Dr. Menegaa Paraman


Social Inclusion & Social Development

Du Shigui@Jackie – (M.Mgt)


Sustainable Agriculture Development, Social Development

S. Kugana (B.Sc)

Research Associate

Environmental Management, Biotechnology