Passion for Evidence and Solutions

“Our recent project experience and engagements using rigorous methodology and evidence”

C&G’s recent research consultancy projects for international and local clients in the areas of sustainable development explore new insights and solutions. With unique project design, we tackle new issues and explore creative solutions for a better future.

A joint report with GSMA and IfM, University of Cambridge commissioned by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). Exploring and identifying the role of technology and data for urban mobility and health services and policy lessons in Malaysia for climate action and health.

A joint project with IfM, University of Cambridge for the ASEAN Secretariat. Evaluation of APASTI for a better future.Development of the ASEAN Plan of Action in Science, Technology and Innovation (APASTI) 2026-2035: PHASE I      

Project for the ASEAN Secretariat for Climate Action to produce key trend reports and policy briefs for ASEAN Member States and policymakers.

Policy Briefs

  1. Strengthening the Climate Financing Ecosystem in ASEAN
  2. Accelerating Public Sector Support for Climate Financing in ASEAN
  3. Application and management of data for climate change scenario planning in ASEAN
  4. Policy Coordination for Private Sector Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation
  5. Facilitating Private Sector Climate Investment Decision-Making: Leveraging on Data and Regulation in ASEAN
  6. Strengthening the implementation of NbS operational framework in ASEAN: Lessons and Way Forward

Trend Reports

  1. Climate Change Data Management
  2. Access to Finance: Issues & Challenges to ASEAN
  3. Private Sector Participation and Engagement in ASEAN’s Climate Change Initiatives in a VUCA Era
  4. Issues and Challenges in Tackling Climate Change through Nature-Based Solutions in ASEAN: Mainstreaming NbS Framework, Financing and Advisory Services and Knowledge Tools.

Selected projects commissioned for ERIA by our team/experts.


  1. Solar Supply Chain Development in the Northeast India and ASEAN
  2. Building Policymakers and Firm Self-Assessment Platform on IR4 and Circular Economy Readiness
  3. Sustainable Palm Oil Production & Trade Dynamics in ASEAN & East Asia.

Project for the ASEAN Energy Centre on demand-side management of energy savings in ASEAN.

Financial Literacy Capacity Development Project for the B40 Group for the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit, Prime Minister Department.

Financial Literacy and Equity Development Program: Invest & Progress

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